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Welcome to Our Joshi Classes

Er K.C. Joshi- A born teacher and a true motivator.

Er. K.C Joshi is a from IIT Kanpur. He has 25 years of teaching experience and his mission is to guide IIT aspirants towards their professional goals of securing admission in India's top most reputed IIT colleges.

With a B.Tech degree from IIT Kanpur, and several lucrative offers, Er. K.C. Joshi could have settled for an easy life. But he had different plans. He went for the tougher road to satisfy his esteemed needs. He wanted to give the students what he himself could not get, which is quality guidance!!

Joshi Sir has the art of transforming maths from abstract to concrete/realistic subject. Maths is no more a boring subject with Joshi Sir and his aim is to overcome the phobia of maths among the students.

Joshi Sir Journey

Er K.C. Joshi- A born teacher and a true motivator.

Er.K.C Joshi is the author of the best selling magazine "Mathematika" and the book "IIT Objective Mathematika". In the field of mathematics, he is well known as "MathsMagician" and is recognised as Joshi Sir among the students. Some of his selected students are working with most renowned Engineering and Technical organizations throughout the world.

Joshi Sir’s valuable guidance has changed the lives of many students. Many of his students have qualified UPSC exams and other competitive exams and are now working as IAS/PCS and IPS officers under Govt.Of India. Also many students have settled abroad and have opted to work as scientists, engineers, software developers, programmers, software engineers and many more. So, unlike other professionals in the world, as a techie, you have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world because tech jobs are in abundance and techies are the drivers of change in the fast-moving tech-driven world of today. Everything that is being designed, invented, or developed contributes towards the overall development of the global economy and techies will continue to play a significant role in the years to come. The tech industry is not specific to one country, its increasing international influence has opened up many possibilities for Indian techies to work overseas. We cannot forget the contribution made by Er. K.C Joshi towards shaping the lives and careers of more than 25000 students across the country and outside.